CNP Virtual Summit Keynotes

The CNP Team is excited to feature two Keynote Sessions delivered by two high-profile industry speakers. See below for more information on this year’s speakers and sessions that will kick off each week of the CNP Virtual Summit.


October 5, 2021 | 12:30 PM ET
Featuring: Sucharita Kodali, Retail Analyst, Forrester Research
More session information coming soon!

About the Speaker:

Sucharita Kodali  is one of the country’s leading authority on retail, shopping and mobile commerce. She is a highly-regarded and frequently sought-after public speaker and has presented her research to audiences around the world. She is frequently cited in leading media outlets such as CNBC, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune and The Financial Times.

While her roots are in the merchant community, Sucharita has been the lead retail analyst at Forrester Research since 2005 where she focuses on eCommerce and the intersection of technology and commerce. In this keynote address she will detail emerging trends revealed by her research and some of the challenges those trends will present for fraud and payments professionals.

Sucharita Kodali
Retail Analyst
Forrester Research



October 12, 2021 | 12:30 PM ET
Featuring: Alexander Hall, Founder, Dispute Defense Consulting

The faceless hoodie is a well-worn visual cliche in fraud circles, but we all know what it means: watch out for the bad guy! Alexander Hall used to be one of the bad guys, but the reformed criminal now uses his expertise to help e-commerce companies fight fraud. In a conversation with CNP Editor-in-Chief DJ Murphy, Hall gives us a glimpse "under the hoodie"—providing insight on their mindset and the tactics bad actors are using today that merchants can apply in their defense against fraud.

About the Speaker:

Alexander Hall is a former fraudster who now works to help businesses protect themselves from the tactics he used to use. Alexander is a contributor to Card Not Present as an expert in fraud, sharing his perspective and advice from time to time. We hope it will not only help merchants understand the way a fraudster thinks and what their motivation is to break the law in this way, but also why they would give up the life and make a career of helping the very people they were stealing from.

Alexander Hall
Dispute Defense Consulting